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This page contains all of the information you will need to have a great event as an exhibitor.

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If for any reason you are not planning to attend please tell me right away.

Please help us out by reading the full details in full and share with your team before emailing with any questions.


Event Hours: 10am – 3pm

Setup Times: On the day from 8 am onwards only



Exhibitor Setup

Exhibition spaces will be marked out at the venue on arrival.

Please let us know you’ve arrived when you get to the venue. Our team will all be in black and orange so you can’t miss us!

You should bring your own extension lead / multi-plug adaptor so you can locate the plug(s) in a convenient spot.

Do not leave a power cable exposed on any public thoroughfare or walkway.

Do not connect any items requiring high power drain (kettle, heaters) and do not connect more than 3 items to your socket.

No setup will be permitted outside the hours listed above and due to the security restrictions on-site, late arrivals on the event day may be refused access with any large or bulky objects for health and safety reasons.

Please arrive in good time to avoid disappointment.

Keep your exhibit area within its confines and please be respectful of your neighbour’s business.

If you have an excessive spread of materials beyond your stand limit they may be moved or removed without notice.



Parking is available at the venue, usually, it is free of charge.


Deliveries and Collections

Centurion Logistics are pleased to offer their event courier services to exhibitors wishing assistance with their deliveries and collections.  Using their service means you can arrive at your exhibition space to find everything waiting for you.  They can:

  • Provide full round-trip shipping of your packages from your business premises to your exhibition space, via their local warehouse
  • Or receive your shipment at their warehouse, well in advance of the event dates, ready for a carefully timed delivery to your exhibition space
  • All collections at breakdown and return services as required


To obtain a quotation, please email Eileen MacQuarrie at  or call 01555 850 053. For more information about Centurion Logistics, visit their website at



A café is available on site.

This café will be open on the event day selling refreshments and snacks.

It is wise to bring sufficient cash with you for your needs.


Departure and Removal of Exhibition

You may not break down your stand or remove any exhibition displays before the event close time.

There is no facility to leave or store materials after the show and all stands must be vacated and cleared from the building by 3pm.

Remember, if you leave early it often starts a domino effect with other exhibitors or leaves then isolated if you leave a vacant space. Some delegates arrive late for a reason and expect to see a full display. It’s discourteous to delegates and also fellow exhibitors leaving early.

The exit procedure for the removal of items is the same as delivery.

The event space is on the first floor and a lift is available inside the door directly to the exhibition area.


Exhibitor Passes

Every member of staff or helper requires an exhibitor pass.

Please do so immediately by following these instructions.

1. Go to the registration page

2. Select the number of tickets you require for all of your staff, volunteers or helpers and book one in each name. Do not block book under a single name.

3. Proceed to checkout




Free Wi-Fi is available at the venue and you can log on and sign-in on the day.

Log In details will be available on arrival.

The Wi-Fi will be very busy and if you plan to use any form of web connectivity on your stand please note we cannot guarantee continuity of service or availability of bandwidth. if it’s vital to you then use a 4G Dongle or latch to your mobile phone’s cell signal (not the Wi-Fi).



Invite your client list to meet you, invite any local prospects to pop along for a coffee with you.

Don’t forget to network and meet with all of the exhibitors who are there too.


Social Media

Get busy on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook and invite people to visit your stand.

Send them a link to the website to book a ticket on either website.

We have attached some graphics for you to use in your social media.

We have a twitter wall on display all day so your tweets are important. Please schedule some messages, take some pictures and get shouting about your presence and the clients you meet.

Use the event hashtag in every post.

Send an email broadcast out to your clients and prospects (and post it to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter) to tell them you’re going and any special show deals you plan to offer.


and finally….

If there is anything else please drop me an email in the first instance. We will be busy with setup and installation on Wednesday so answering a call or email may not be possible. If you have a problem with setup or anytime on the day please tell us.

It’s difficult to fix afterwards and we really want you to have a great day!